While this page will expand and change over time, the data below represents our first foray into gathering information about Regional Intergovernmental Organizations (RIGOs). For more information about how this data was collected, see the RIGO Methodology page. Please continue to check back for updates as we continue to expand and refine our data. If you notice errors, omissions or revisions, please contact Jay Rickabaugh at jar140@pitt.edu.

We have created a template in two formats that allows for quantitative analysis and geospatial representation of:

  • Regional Intergovernmental Organizations (RIGOs)
  • Unique Regional Organizations (UROs)
  • Regional Metropolitan Planning Organizations (RMPOs – where no RIGO or URO exists)
  • Unattached Areas (where none of the above exist)

Download the Files

Files last updated 8/3/17

Data File


Using the Files

The template utilizes five-digit county FIPS codes for forty-five US states and the District of Columbia. It uses ten-digit municipality FIPS codes for five US states where county boundaries do not align with membership to these organizations. This template can also be merged with .csv files downloaded from the U.S. Census Bureau American FactFinder or other data sources that use a similar format. Make sure to have GEOIDs set to be rows within the file.

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