A Spatial Comparison of Regional Intergovernmental Organizations (RIGOs) and Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs)

Using the Map

a)    Select Regional Intergovernmental Organizations (RIGOs) or Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) by clicking in the information panel.

b)   Select a state by clicking on it. You can view Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont by clicking on the yellow to open a new map that shows boundaries by municipalities.  

c)    Areas in color represent RIGOs/MSAs. Areas in shades of gray on the RIGO map have Regional Metropolitan Planning Organizations, but no formal RIGO. Areas in black represent Unique Regional Organizations. For more on these distinctions, see our Methods page.

d)   Hovering your mouse over a county (or municipality in New England) gives you information about the RIGO/MSA to which it belongs.

We are continuing to improve and update this map; please contact Jay Rickabaugh at jar140@pitt.edu with any updates, additions, or revisions.


Information Pane


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